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Fleet Management Solution

Making fleet management seamless through connected cars

Enable frictionless management to better serve customers, drive efficiency, promote safer driving habits to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Use cases for Fleet Management Solution

There are multiple use case for fleet management served through the connected car data provided by our platform. Some of the prominent ones are as below -

Compliance adherence

Fleet performance benchmarking

Vehicle security – theft alert and tracking

Fuel management

Fleet Navigation

Driver safety monitoring

Residual value

Why CerebrumX

  • Contextualized data – Access to ready to use data models and the contextual APIs around UBI, Media, Location, POI, weather, etc to enable faster service roll-out.
  • Real time data handling – ADLP ingests data on a real time basis, supporting frequency of upto 400Hz to support wide variety of use cases.
  • Open API marketplace – Industry first Open APIs based platform architecture and market place to enable custom application build and cloud-to-cloud integration.
  • Privacy and security – Secured sharing of consented private data while being compliant to regulatory norms.
  • Data quality – Access to quality data with advanced visualization tools for simplified analysis.
  • Flexible deployment – Build your own service allows users to develop their custom solution through easy to use development API interface.