Fleet Management

Traditionally Fleets have been powered by adjunct devices like GPS Fleet trackers, dongles, black-boxes, and mobile apps that have inherent disadvantage of fitment blues, maintenance, and the richness of data. With more and more driver assistance features being available in the vehicle, the adjunct devices fail to provide the complete view of the vehicle smart operations and driver interaction. This creates a gap in the insights that is collated at the Fleet Management level.
CerebrumX with its global tie-ups with OEMs enable the Fleet companies to source data directly from the Telematics of the vehicle. Additionally, with its Augmented Deep Learning Platform (ADLP) it offers a ubiquitous interface to the Fleet Management Backend irrespective of the source of data. This makes onboarding of the Fleet frictionless and data insights more impactful.
ADLP also helps the Fleet with: