Reshaping car data to drive value through ADLP

Augmented Deep Learning Platform (ADLP) is first in the world to use Augmented Deep Learning to unravel the value of connected vehicles. It augments the Connected Vehicle Data with Social, Surface and Mobility information to create Enriched Data Market Place of use cases catering to different verticals including Car OEMs, FINTECH, Insurance, City Planners, Media Companies, Car Dealerships, etc.

Consent Management System

CerebrumX Consent Management System (CMS) empowers end consumers and data providers to exercise their right to privacy in an easy to use mechanism. It provides an efficient way for data owners and providers to transparently know how, what and when there data is used besides providing them the ability to withdraw their consent whenever they want.

Data Privacy and Anonymization

ADLP provides a plug-in to manage and maintain Data Privacy and Anonymization at the source data to ensure that any Personal Information such as names, addresses, etc is treated based on the user consent. If the user has consented then this data is transmitted and stored in an encrypted form.